Why do I need automation?

Every person managing a company wants everything to work in the best possible way. Every day, many people work hard to make the company as profitable as possible and gain new customers. With the development of the company, the schemes that worked for years no longer bring the expected results - one of the solutions is the automation of these processes. What benefits can be achieved thanks to the automation of car fleet work planning?

Efficient use of the fleet

Why do I need automation?

By using the automatic route planning system, you can count on more efficient use of the fleet available in the company. This is possible due to the fact that the machine plans optimal routes, taking into account the specific requirements of the customer. The planning priority may be, for example, the minimum length of routes or matching deliveries to time windows agreed with the recipient. Optimally planned work allows you to handle more orders using the same resources as before.

Time saving

Another advantage of automatic route planning, which improves the functioning of the company, is the time saving of employees. In addition to saving the time of the drivers who complete optimized routes faster, you can save a lot of work for people who until now have planned routes and assigned tasks manually. Even in small companies it may be necessary to plan routes for several or a dozen cars. Such work can take up to several hours, and its effects will be clearly worse than the effects of the automatic machine.

Fleet reduction

Automatic route planning can also help you save money by reducing the number of cars in your fleet. Thanks to the automation of scheduling, you can see that you need fewer vehicles than before to perform the same amount of work. This allows you to save a significant amount of money, because the reduction in the number of vehicles and drivers is accompanied by a reduction in costs such as: fuel, insurance, inspections, repairs, etc. Depending on the specifics of work and the size of the fleet, it is possible to reduce the number of vehicles necessary by up to 10% while maintaining the current quality of service.

Orders management

For smaller companies that do not have a fleet management system, digitization of the organization of the order execution process may also be an advantage. It allows for easy communication between the supervisor and employees, creating clear route plans for each employee and checking the progress of order execution on an ongoing basis. Small, developing companies often do not use this type of tools. It happens that instead of an appropriate management program, they try to achieve good results, e.g. in spreadsheets or communicating with drivers by phone - which can lead to a lot of confusion in everyday work.


Automating any process requires some kind of breakthrough and time to implement. However, the investment can pay off very quickly. In the case of route planning automation, this can be an opportunity to reduce the number of vehicles required, make better use of the existing fleet and improve the quality of service, as well as save time by reducing manual work.